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Verb patterns in English

How do we use verb patterns in English?

In this course, we will learn how to use verb patterns in English. For example, how we use verbs with infinitives and gerunds, how to use verbs with prepositions and gerunds, and how we use objects between verbs.

What will I learn?

  • How to use verbs and infinitives.
  • How to use verbs and gerunds.
  • How to use verbs, prepositions and gerunds.
  • How to use verbs with objects.
  • The difference between gerunds and present participles

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What are verb patterns in English?

Verb patterns in English refer to the structure that some sentences have, e.g. REMEMBER TO DO or REMEMBER DOING something. In many cases, the verb pattern can change the meaning, so it’s important to learn common verb patterns in English.

What is the difference between gerunds and present participles in English?

Both forms of the word end in -ing, e.g. SHOPPING, but a present participle is a form of a verb, which we use for things like the continuous verb form, whereas a gerund is a noun that comes from a verb. For example, “I am SHOPPING” is a verb, but “I like SHOPPING” is a gerund, i.e. a noun.

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