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“How can I improve my English?”

Here are a few tips…

The best thing you can do to learn English is increase your contact with English. Listen and read every day. Don’t worry about understanding everything. Just try to get the general meaning. Aim for basic comprehension first. It will take time to understand everything and improve your grammar. Just relax and enjoy the experience.

Watch movies or videos (with subtitles in English), listen to podcasts or your favourite music (with lyrics). Try to get the rhythm of the language. This will help you with pronunciation later and it will really help you build your vocabulary. Your English teacher will be impressed!

Don’t put yourself under pressure to produce in English. Write or speak when you feel ready. Even then, don’t worry about making mistakes. This is normal. The most important thing is to communicate – and enjoy the experience! You could write short notes to yourself every day, like a diary, or get creative and write a story with the new words you’ve learnt.

If you feel nervous about speaking to other people, then talk to yourself! At least you’re guaranteed intelligent conversation! You could watch a movie, pause and copy what they say aloud. Practise the sound of English on your tongue. This will be a big step towards speaking with other people one day…

How can I improve my English?

Increase your contact with English. This means read English and listen to English as much as you can, but make sure it is fun! Otherwise, you might give up. Just try to understand as much as you can at first. You don’t need to understand everything. Give yourself time. Eventually, English will get easier and you will feel more confident.

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