NOUNS in English

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Nouns in English

How do we use nouns in English?

In this course, we will learn about using nouns in English. For example, how we use uncountable nouns, possessive nouns and compound nouns, how we make nouns plural, how we use irregular nouns, and how we use indefinite pronouns.

What will I learn?

  • How to use uncountable nouns.
  • How to use possessive nouns.
  • How to use compound nouns.
  • How to use singular and plural nouns.
  • How to use irregular plural nouns.
  • How irregular noun/verb agreement works.
  • How to use indefinite pronouns for people, places and things.

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What are uncountable nouns in English?

Uncountable nouns in English are normally either abstract or substances that are too big or small to count, like LOVE (abstract) or WATER (substance). This group of nouns also includes activities like TRAVEL or feelings like HAPPINESS.

What are possessive nouns in English?

These are nouns that show a connection or a relationship to something or someone else, e.g. ‘a WEEK’S holiday’ or ‘a DOCTOR’S surgery’.

What are compound nouns in English?

These are nouns where we put two or more words together to make one new noun, such as GIRLFRIEND, CREDIT CARD or MOTORBIKE. This gives more information about the original noun.

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