Learn English slang | Travel portmanteau words

How many travel portmanteau words do you know? How about motel, staycation, chillax or travelogue? Watch the video lesson to learn English slang...

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You could travel by moped. Moped is like a small motorbike. It's a portmanteau of 'motor' and 'pedal', like a motorised bicycle.

Motel is motor hotel.

You might go somewhere where there is lots of smogSmog is smoke and fog.

If someone tries to steal your car when you're in the car, we call this a carjack or carjacking. This is car and hijack.

If it's too expensive to go on holiday, you could have a staycation. This is stay and vacation. It means you don't go anywhere, you just spend your holiday at home.

Chillax is a portmanteau of chill or chill out and relax.

If you go travelling, you could write a travelogue, which is a travel monologue to talk about your travel experiences.

And finally, you might go somewhere, but when you get there you forget the reason why you went there in the first place. This is called destinesia, which is a portmanteau of destination and amnesia. You went somewhere, but when you got there you forgot why you went there in the first place.