Learn English slang | Technology portmanteau words

Learn English slang by finding out the meaning of common portmanteau words to talk about technology such as phablet, podcast, cyborg and animatronics...

Do you know the history of emoticons and where they came from? Check out this video from Mashable to learn more...

Do you have a phone or a phablet? If it doesn't fit in my pocket, I'm not interested! Phablets are too big for me but here's a history of mobile phones so you can see how we ended up with phablets...

I listen to podcasts every day, on my way to work, on my way home, in the gym, while I'm cooking. It's so convenient and there are so many great podcasts out there. It's also a great way to improve your English! Here are a few suggestions of some of the best podcasts you should listen to...

Read this article on Voices.com to find out more about podcasting and how the word podcast came about.

I'm sure you've seen films like The Terminator and Blade Runner - absolute classics! Well there are loads of movies with cyborgs in them and they usually want to kill everyone and take over the world! How many of these cyborg movies or TV shows have you seen?

Finally, see how Disney creates its animatronics using a combination of animation and robotics at Walt Disney World...

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Of course, everyone knows the word email, which is 'electronic mail'.

Emoticon means 'emotion' and 'icon'.

Malware - this means 'malicious software', 'malicious' meaning something which is bad.

A phablet - this is a 'phone' and a 'tablet'.

A podcast - this is a mixture between 'iPod' and 'broadcast'.

Blog - this is short for 'weblog'.

Webcast - this is a mixture of 'web' and 'broadcast'.

Webinar is a mixture between 'web' and 'seminar'.

Cyborg - this is a 'cybernetic organism'. You see this in the movies, the robots from the future that want to kill us all and take over the world!

Hazmat means 'hazardous materials'.

And finally, animatronics, which means 'animation' and 'electronics'.