Learn English slang | Slang portmanteau words

What does it mean to guesstimate? What is mansplaining? And what does youniverse mean? Learn English slang and find out about these new portmanteau slang expressions and more!

So what's the science behind mansplaining?

How well can you guesstimate?

What would your ideal manbag look like?

Finally, when friends don't want to hang out anymore, the only solution is dudevorce...

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These are some of the most recent portmanteaus that have come into English and some of my favourites as well.

Guesstimate means it's a mixture between 'guess' and 'estimate', so if you're making an accurate guess at something.

A manbag is a mixture of 'man' and 'handbag'. Some men carry bags, it's a manbag.

Mansplaining. This is a portmanteau of 'man' and 'explaining'. This is when a man tries to explain normally to a woman something that she probably already knows.

Swopportunity. This is an 'opportunity' to 'swap' something.

Chairdrobe. When you get home and you undress and you can't be bothered to put your clothes in the wardrobe, you might throw them on a chair. That is a 'chairdrobe'. 'Chair' and a 'wardrobe'.

A nonversation is a 'non-conversation', a conversation which is not important.

Hiberdating is 'hibernate' and 'dating'. This is when you and your girlfriend or boyfriend stay at home and never go out and see other people.

Youniverse. This is 'you' and 'universe', when you are the most important person in the whole world according to you.

And dudevorce. 'Dude' and 'divorce', when two male friends stop being friends.