Learn English slang | Rabbit and pork

Stop rabbiting on! What does it mean if someone says this to you? Learn English slang to help you understand this rhyming expression.

Watch the video lesson and find out about how to use the well-known rhyming slang expression rabbit and pork...

To hear the rhyming slang rabbit used in context, listen to this popular Chas and Dave song, Rabbit, from the 1980s...

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Rabbit and pork...talk.

So the expression rabbit and pork rhymes with 'talk'. We often shorten it just down to rabbit. So we can use it mostly as a verb to rabbit...to rabbit on means to talk on...to talk on and on and on.

So you could say: 'My friend rabbits on and on all day'. My friend never stops talking. Normally, to rabbit on means to talk about nothing important. 'My teacher rabbits on all day!' 'I get so bored listening to my teacher rabbit on about nothing!'

Rabbit and pork - talk.