Learn English slang | Pork pies

Do you ever tell porky pies? Did you tell porkies to your parents when you were a kid? Find out all about this popular rhyming slang expression to help you learn English slang...

Here's a funny video of a very cute kid telling porky pies to her mum about letting the dog out...

...and here's British newspaper The Mirror accusing the Prime Minister of telling porky pies.

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This is a very common expression...it's used all around the country, not just in east London, pork pies means 'lies'.

So we use this a lot with children, if children say something but it's not true, you could say: "Are you telling me pork pies?" Or more often we say 'porky', porky pies. So porky pies are 'lies'.

The expression telling porkies means telling lies. So 'don't tell me porkies!' So parents might say to their children or a teacher might say to a child: "Are you telling me porky pies?" Pork pies...lies.