Learn English slang | Language portmanteau words

Some languages get mixed together quite often. Here are some common portmanteaus of languages to help you learn English slang. How many do you know?

There was a Hollywood comedy a few years ago called Spanglish with Adam Sandler, although I haven't seen it. Here's the trailer...

...and here are some funny examples of Chinglish...

Finally, the BBC considers if India will choose English or Hinglish.

So what do you do to learn English slang? Put your ideas in the comments below...


A common portmanteau of English with another language is Chinglish. This is Chinese English.

You could also have Singlish, which is Singapore English and Hinglish, which is Hindi and English.

You could also have Spanglish, which is Spanish and English.

Franglais is 'Français' and 'Anglais', so French and English and Portuñol, which is Portuguese and 'Español' - Spanish.