Learn English slang | Food portmanteau words

Here are a few common portmanteaus of food words to help you learn English slang, such as brunch, banoffe and spork. How many of these portmanteau words do you already know?

So what do you do to learn English slang? Put your ideas in the comments below...


Portmanteau words of food include words like brunch. Brunch is 'breakfast' and 'lunch', so if you wake up late and you miss breakfast, you can have brunch.

Alcopop is a mixture of 'alcohol' and 'pop', which is a slang word for soft drinks, fizzy drinks.

A very common one is cheeseburger. Obviously, this is 'cheese' and 'hamburger'.

Frappuccino - this is a mixture of 'frappé' and 'cappuccino', so a cold coffee, basically.

Banoffee, as in banoffee pie, is banana and toffee. You could eat with a 'spork'.

A spork is a mixture of a 'spoon' and a 'fork'.

Maybe you've eaten Tex-Mex food. This is food which is a mixture of 'Texan' food and 'Mexican' food like chilli con carne.

Maybe you've heard of Frankenfood. Frankenfood, this is a mixture of 'Frankenstein' or 'Frankenstein's monster and 'food', which refers to food which has been genetically modified. Some people get very nervous about this.

And finally, if you're very 'hungry' and that makes you 'angry', you could say you are feeling hangry.