Learn English slang | Dog and bone

So do you spend a lot of time on the dog and bone? Learn English slang and find out how to use this popular rhyming slang expression...

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Again, this is another very common, popular rhyming expression. Dog and bone means 'phone'.

So you might say to someone: "I'll talk to you tonight on the dog and bone". "I'll call you on the dog and bone". I'll call you on the phone.

If you answer the phone and the person on the phone wants to talk to your flatmate, you might say to your flatmate: "John's on the dog and bone". John's on the phone.

Or if you can't find your phone, if you've lost your phone, you could say: "Where's the dog and bone?" Where's my phone?

If somebody asks to speak to your girlfriend or boyfriend, but they're busy, they're on the phone, speaking to someone, you could say: "They're busy right now, he's on the dog and bone" or "she's on the dog and bone". He's on the phone and you can't talk to him right now. "He's on the dog and bone".