Learn English slang | Dicky bird

What does it mean if you say you haven't heard a dicky bird from someone? Learn English slang and find out what the popular rhyming slang expression dicky bird means here and how to use it.

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Dicky bird means 'word'.

Dicky bird just means a small bird, but in the expression, dicky bird rhymes with 'word', so if you say 'have a dicky bird with someone' it means 'have a word', 'have a conversation', 'talk to someone' or if you're talking to someone and you haven't seen your friend John for a long time, you might say: 'Have you seen John? Have you spoken to John?' 'Have you heard from John?' You might say: 'I haven't heard from him. Not a dicky bird!' And that means...Not a word. 'I haven't heard a dicky bird'. I haven't heard a word. He hasn't called me, he hasn't been to see me. I don't know what he's doing.

So, have you heard from John? I haven't heard from him. Not a dicky bird. Not a word.