Learn English slang | Companies portmanteau words

Learn English slang and how it works by finding out the meaning of common portmanteau words that are used for the names of companies and organisations we all know very well such as Netflix, Microsoft, Travelocity, Adidas and Wikipedia...

Here are ten reasons behind some of the most famous company names. How many of them do you recognise?

Here are another 25 well-known company names. How many on this list are portmanteau words?

So how many other companies or organisations do you know with portmanteau words for names? And what do you do to learn English slang? Tell us in the comments below...


Adidas is short for Adi Dassler, the man who created the company.

Netflix is short for 'Internet' and 'flix'. 'Flix' is a slang word for 'films'.

Wikipedia - 'wiki' and 'encyclopedia'. 'Wiki' is a Hawaiian word which means 'quick'.

Groupon is a mixture of 'group' and 'coupon'.

Travelocity - this is a mixture between 'travel' and 'velocity', which means 'speed'.

Microsoft - this is a mixture between 'microcomputer' and 'software'. It's a very obvious one!

Verizon, the communications company. This is a mixture between 'veritas', the Latin word for 'truth' and 'horizon'.

Intel is 'integrated electronics'.

Nabisco means 'National Biscuit Company'.

Interpol is 'International Police'.

And Yelp is 'Yellow Pages' and 'help'.