Learn English slang | Brown bread

What does it mean if we say that something or someone is brown bread? Learn English slang and find out how to use this popular rhyming slang expression in English...

Channel 5 News discusses whether or not rhyming slang will soon be brown bread...

However, The Independent doesn't think that rhyming slang will be brown bread at all.

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Brown bread rhymes with 'dead'. So it's a way of explaining that somebody has died.

You wouldn't normally use this if you're talking about someone very close to you or in a sensitive situation, but for example you might say: "What happened to next door's dog?" "It used to bark all the time, I don't hear it now. What happened to the dog?" And someone might say: "He's brown bread!" "He got run over by a bus. The dog is brown bread!" So, brown bread, dead.

You could also use it to describe a dangerous situation. If you're trying to tell someone not to do something dangerous or risky, you could say: "If you do that you'll be brown bread!" If you do that you'll be dead! So, be safe so you don't end up brown bread.