Learn English slang | Adam and Eve

Would you Adam and Eve it? Watch the video lesson to learn English slang and find out about rhyming slang and the well-known English slang expression Adam and Eve...

So where does rhyming slang come from? And what is a 'Cockney'? Some say it was a secret language between criminals in the East End of London. It may also have been a way for people who worked on the markets to talk without the customers understanding. Watch this short video from The Londonist to learn English slang...

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Rhyming slang or Cockney Rhyming Slang. This is a type of slang which originated in East London, but it's used quite commonly in English in other parts of the UK and even other parts of the English-speaking world, like in Australia, for example.

And rhyming slang is like a game with the words. So normally rhyming slang is a pair of words and the last word in the pair rhymes with the word that you mean to use. This was supposedly invented as a secret language that criminals could use so the police couldn't understand them.

So I'll give you a few examples of the most common rhyming slang expressions and I'll show you how to use them.

A very common expression is Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve - 'believe'. So Adam and Eve rhymes with 'believe', so you could say 'I don't Adam and Eve it!' 'I can't Adam and Eve it!' 'I can't believe it!'

So if you're very surprised about something, let's say you take a test and you fail it and you're very angry, you could say: 'I can't Adam and Eve it!' I worked so hard, I don't know why I failed, 'I can't Adam and Eve it!'

Or if someone tells you something and it sounds like a lie, you could say: 'I don't Adam and Eve it!'

You could also use this as an expression of frustration as well. If someone does something to you and it makes you annoyed, it makes you angry, you could say: 'I don't Adam and Eve it!'

If you want to use it as an expression of surprise, you could say: 'Would you Adam and Eve it?' Would you believe it?