Learn English phrasal verbs | Turn off

What or who turns you off? Do you turn everything off to save energy? Find out all the meanings of turn off to understand English phrasal verbs better...

Listen to songs for great examples of English phrasal verbsNelly Furtado uses the phrasal verb turn off in her song Turn Off The Light. Do you know any other songs that use turn off?

The best advice from The IT Crowd is always to turn it off and on again if your computer is not working...

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We often use the phrasal verb turn off to mean the same as 'switch off', so you can turn off the TV or you can turn off your phone. We often use this for electrical things and we do this to save power.

If you're giving or taking directions, you can turn off, which means if you...if you drive a car or you're walking down the road, and someone says you need to turn off, this means you're going to leave that road, either left or right. So drive down this road and turn off after the post office.

The noun we use to describe that point where you turn off the road is called a turn-off, so take the first turn-off on the left.

Also we can describe things we don't like as a turn-off, so we can say 'I don't like his music, it turns me off. His music to me is a turn-off'.

Also you can use it to describe a person that you don't like, particularly a person that you don't find sexually attractive. So if you say 'he's a turn-off' or she's a turn-off', it means it's someone that you don't find sexually attractive.