Learn English phrasal verbs | Fall for

Have you ever fallen for anyone? Do you fall for everyone's jokes all the time? Watch the video and learn all about fall for and how to use English phrasal verbs...

Music is always a great place to hear English phrasal verbs. Listen to Fall For Your Type by Jamie Foxx (ft. Drake) to understand this meaning of the phrasal verb fall for. In this context, how do you think he feels when he falls for the same type of girl all the time?

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Fall for. You can fall for someone, which means to fall in love with someone. You can say 'I always fall for the wrong person', which means I always fall in love with the wrong type of person for me. You could say 'He's really fallen for her' which means 'he's really fallen in love with her', he's crazy about her.

However, in another sense you could say 'he really fell for it', which means you told something to someone that wasn't true, you wanted to trick someone, you told someone something that was a lie, but they believed it, so you could say 'he fell for it', he believed it, he believed what I told him. Some people do this just for fun, some people do this to trick someone or to commit a crime.

You could laugh at someone and say 'he really fell for it' or he always falls for it or he falls for everything, He believes everything!