Learn English phrasal verbs | Come across

How do you come across when you meet new people? How do you feel when you come across something interesting by chance? Learn all the meanings of come across to help you understand English phrasal verbs...

American actor Michelle Rodriguez explains how she comes across new music...

The guy in this funny story from The Onion hasn't come across any guacamole in his burrito!

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If you come across something it means you find something by chance, by luck, by accident. So you could say: "I came across this book by chance". I wasn't looking for it, I found it by accident, but I'm very happy I found it. I came across this book.

If you describe a person who doesn't come across well, it means it's a person who doesn't really show their personality...their true personality very well. So if somebody goes to an interview, but they don't have a good interview, maybe because they're nervous, you could say: "He's a good worker, he's a good candidate, but he didn't come across well in the interview".

You can also say that somebody is trying to explain something, but they didn't come across very well. So the teacher was trying to explain something to the students but it didn't come across to the students. The students didn't understand.