How to use reported requests, orders & advice in English

Watch this video lesson to find out how to make reported requests, orders and advice in English...


So we've already looked at how we report statements, we've looked at how to report questions, so in this video lesson we're going to look at how to report requests, orders and advice. A request is when someone asks us to do something, an order is when someone tells us to do something, and advice is when someone suggests that we do something that would be a good idea. We'll look at an example in each of the three cases and we'll look at the structure together and then finally we'll do some practice to see if you understand what we've learnt.

So let's start with a request. "Could you open the window please?" She asked me to open the window. She asked if I could open the window. So you could report this request in one of two ways. Let's look at the structure together. 'She asked me' plus the infinitive. So, 'she asked me to open'. She asked me to do something. 'She asked me' plus 'if' plus 'I could'. She asked me if I could do something.

However, if this was an order, it would be a lot stronger. "Shut up and open the window!" To report this, we would use a much stronger reporting verb. So, 'she told me' or 'she ordered me' plus the infinitive. 'She told me to do something' or 'She ordered me to do something'.

Finally, we can report the advice that someone gives us. "You should open the window". She said that I should open the window. She advised me to open the window. So, 'she said I should' plus the infinitive with no 'to', something. In this case, 'she said I should do something'. She advised me to do something.

OK? So that's how we report requests, orders and advice. So let's do some practice to see how much you've understood that. So I'm going to give you some examples, firstly in direct speech, secondly in reported speech, and I want you to decide, is this a request, is it an order or is it advice? You'll get a few seconds to think about your answer and then you'll see if you were right.

OK, so that is how we report requests, orders and advice. If it's not clear, go back and watch it again. It's always easier the second time. Give the video a thumbs up if you liked it, share it with your friends, and subscribe to my YouTube channel, and go to where you can find full courses to help you improve every aspect of your English. Good luck, keep practising and I'll see you soon.