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Do you want to improve your English? Here’s how…

You can learn so much on your own! Increase your contact with English by listening and reading in English every day. Relax! It takes time. You’re under no pressure to understand everything, so just try to guess the main meaning from the context. You can always go back and check again later. Every day your vocabulary will grow, your grammar will improve, and your pronunciation will become more accurate. Here are some more tips…



Read for information, read to learn, read to pass the time, or just read for fun! But make sure you do it every day. Read for the main idea – you don’t need to understand every word.



Write a diary, write notes, write text messages, write short stories, or write a love letter! Be creative and relax! Don’t worry about making mistakes, just enjoy the writing process.



Increase your contact with English by listening every day. You can do this on your own. Listen to a podcast, listen to music (with lyrics), or watch a video (with subtitles). If you can understand 50% you’re doing well.



Join a club, share a hobby, learn something new, or just talk with friends. Don’t worry about making mistakes. The most important thing is to communicate – and have fun!

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